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Self Storage

What we offer:

  • Flexible self storage options for private individuals and businesses.
  • A self storage facility that is accessible to customers 24/7.
  • Drive up access to all units.
  • A minimum rental period of 14 days.
  • Storage units that are well ventilated modern steel containers.
  • Storage units that will be kept dry and secure for the length of time you require.

Self Storage Unit Sizes

There are four different size units available to customers: 40 sq ft, 50 sq ft, 80 sq ft and 160 sq ft containers. Dimensions of which are listed below:

40 Sq Ft:

Our 40 sq ft storage units are ideal for household or commercial belongings. The perfect storage solution for customers who wish to store smaller items, perhaps items from a bedroom or garage whilst you are decorating. These units are very useful if you have lots of boxes or business files that can be stacked neatly to maximise storage space. Not so good if there is large awkward shaped furniture as the units are not that wide.

Dimensions: 4ft 9ins (w) x 7ft 10ins (l) x 7ft 8ins (h) - 285 cubic feet

50 Sq Ft:

The 50 sq ft storage units we have here are great for storing the contents of a small house or flat, or to be used to hold business overflow or stock. The extra width you get compared to the 40 sq ft allows for large items of furniture. Packed well and you can get a lot in there!

Dimensions: 6ft 10ins (w) x 7ft 5ins (l) x 6ft 9ins (h) - 342 cubic feet

80 Sq Ft:

If you're looking for a home for your possessions from a flat or parts of a house, then you will need an 80 sq ft. When storing items such as your white goods, this storage unit is sometimes preferable to the 50 sq ft due to the increase in size required due to an unwillingness to stack items on top of these valuable goods. Again, the units are secure and you can adapt to put shelving in for use as storage within your business. These units are always in high demand.

Dimensions: 7ft 10ins (w) x 9ft (l) x 7ft 9ins (h) - 546 cubic feet

160 Sq Ft:

For typical homes with 3 bedrooms, our 160 sq ft unit is just what you need as we say that they will accommodate the contents of an average three bedroom house. These large units are generally big enough to get all that you need to store in there. The extra space allows for some of the garden furniture to go in too! If you're not sure whether you'll fit everything in, get the professionals involved; it's amazing to see what can be packed in to a small space and they certainly know how to do it!

Dimensions: 7ft 8ins (w) x 19ft 3ins (l) x 7ft 9ins (h) - 1144 cubic feet


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